Featured Products

Our selection of products and specialty food items changes regularly and seasonally, but here are a few of our favorite things in store right now.

Stop by to learn more or purchase, or to just browse other items not featured here!


Blue Cheeses

During the depths of winter, we love blue cheese and feature several varieties in the cheese case. Pick one up for your next cheese plate and get-together, or consider adding blue cheese to homemade mac ‘n’ cheese, slow roasted vegetables (like beets or squash), or a hearty steak or souffle.


A hot cup of tea

Short days and long nights call for a mug of hot tea. From Paper & Tea, we’re excited to feature a variety of loose leaf teas. Maybe you’re interested in a caffeine-free herbal tea for evenings by the fire. Or pick up a new morning tea, like this blend of organic black tea with cocoa and orange notes.


SEt the table

New from Casafina, enjoy the perfect farmhouse collection. Fattoria is the newest offering from Casafina, who has been making the best Portuguese stoneware for over 30 years. Available in a slightly textured white with just a bit of country charm, we know you’ll love choosing from these mixing bowls, measuring cups, pitchers, and more.


What’s In Store


Coffee Beans & TEA

Stop in for your pick of caffeinated and decaf whole coffee beans. Maybe you’re in the mood for our signature, fair trade, organic Z&V House Blend. Or perhaps a lighter Guatemala roast or a deep Dark French or Black Magic wakes you up. We’ll happy mix, match, and grind your beans for your preferred brewing method.

And don’t forget loose leaf tea. Pick up a few ounces of English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Gunpowder Green, or one of nearly a dozen different types. We’ve got tea kettles and infusers too!



Every home needs the right dinnerware set that matches your intended use and your own personal style. We’re proud to feature everything from ceramic to stoneware, basic to bold, from trusted brands around the world.

Whether you’re just building your home or looking for something new, let us help you navigate the right design, material, shape, and size to fit your everyday, special occasion, and seasonal needs. We proudly carry Vietri, Juliska, BIA Cordon Bleu, Bauer Pottery, Simon Pearce, Le Cadeaux, Fire & Light, and more.



So you bravely volunteered to make lemon bars or key lime pie but don’t have the arm strength to squeeze that big bag of citrus. Don’t worry - we’ve got the right tool for the job!

Located near the cash register and cheese and chocolate cases, visit our gadget table. Here you’ll find everything from whisks and spatulas to juicers, specialty tools like crab crackers and grapefruit spoons, and maybe even a mortar and pestle. You might also just find that perfect host or hostess gift for your next party, like a beautiful dish towel, a molded ice cube maker, or environmentally-friendly silicon sandwich bags or vegetable keepers.



We regularly stock some of the best gourmet chocolates and edible goodies to round out a gift basket, Christmas stocking, or for that car ride home.

Let us put together a box—small or large—of chocolate truffles in the flavors of your choosing from Moonstruck Chocolates in Portland. Milk or dark? Caramel or liquor? Or maybe you’re craving dark chocolate covered sea salt caramels or cashews.

And a visit to Z&V wouldn’t be complete without our famous Jerk Balls—creamy caramel and port wine dipped in chocolate and then dusted with cocoa powder and Jamaican Jerk seasoning. A real adventure!


Soaps & Lotions

Some of the best things at Z&V smell delicious, including our luxurious hand soaps and lotions.

Featuring brands like Mistral and La Lavande, you can expect rich shea butter and premium ingredients in a variety of scents, sizes, and shapes. Our most popular soap by far is the small round lemongrass soap near our cash register—you can’t miss the slightly sweet and grassy smell and our customers love them for their perfect gifting size, or for a hallway bathroom!